Healthcare Associated Infections are a very serious topic throughout the community. Some companies focus just on hospitals while others put their effort into the community. NewGenn does both.
We had a fantastic time at Crufts 2013, the huge world famous dog show. It’s a place where we look forward to making new friends, especially from outside Britain. True to form, it happened again; from as close as Ireland and as far as Zambia. Crufts offers a tremendous opportunity to show how the NewGenn products help both dogs and people.
For many years we’ve been well known for preventing infectious disease, mainly because that continues to be our main message. That’s what people need. Many people now realise how we achieve the desired disease-preventing aims in a fun fashion. That’s what people want.
The great thing about Crufts is that we are really on a Kennel Club stand, even though it’s branded as NewGenn and we sell products. We help the Kennel Club with safe, effective, hygiene products for the stewards, judges and vets. In return, they ask us to openly discuss whatever topics visitors to the stand want to learn more about.
In addition, each breed pen in the Discover Dogs section has a dispenser of NewGenn Foam Hand Rub. Some amazing discussions arise as we quietly make our rounds re-filling those dispensers. The softness of the foam and the lovely feeling it leaves on hands is what the people want. The high level of antimicrobial protection is what they need. The fun arises through incorporating what they need into what they want.
One definition of marketing includes the phrase “Find out what they want …”. Within that definition there is no reference to what they “need”. That’s one reason why so many hand hygiene products sell well but fail to break the infection cycles. The suppliers are only marketing products and seem to have little interest in actually affecting the rate of infections. In contrast, when killing microbes is a key intention, the products tend to be so aggressive few people use them. That enhances infection cycles.
To break the infection cycles it’s essential to satisfy BOTH the WANT and the NEED. Many people sell products which do one or the other, which is why the infection cycles continue throughout the community. To be fair, it’s asking a lot for one company to be fully skilled in both psychology AND microbiology. But if you want to be a world leader, you must do it.
The Kennel Club can select from an enormous array of suppliers yet they continue to ask NewGenn to provide the high level of safety combined with full cover against infections to both human visitors and the dogs.
Humility is also fun. We can’t know who a person visiting our stand is. I’ve gained access to human hospitals from that Crufts stand because the visitors can question us in a neutral setting. They know the Kennel Club trusts us and that helps them feel the same.

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