Time is money and in these tough economic times improving the use of time is wise. I mention this as I’ve been investigating why dog groomers are finding our new Foam Dog Wash such a revelation. To be honest, some of the feedback we’d received activated the sceptic in me. We knew dogs looked great after the foam, but why would groomers be quite so positive?

The best way to find out was to see for myself by watching groomers work. One had said the Foam Dog Wash meant she no longer needed to use conditioner on poodles. Having created the product, I knew it would have a conditioning effect on dog hair. I just never anticipated it would completely remove the need for that extra product in such an exacting breed. I now know it’s true.

We knew a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy which had been washed in the foam prior to Crufts 2012, earned an unsolicited positive comment from the judge who gave it first prize in its group. Puppy coats are easy; having now seen the foam being used on the tired coat of an old spaniel, I realise the beneficial effect on the coat was unrelated to age.

Hair is only one component of a dog’s coat; the other is skin. Given that Foam Dog Wash evolved from our technology which is allowing children to rid their skin of eczema ( execzema.org ), I was keenly interested to see how dogs with inflamed skin reacted to the foam. In fact they don’t seem to notice it. To the groomer, that was a fantastic effect. In her experience, dogs with inflamed skin often react badly to the irritation of shampoos. So no reaction was brilliant.

Returning to the subject of time, if a conditioner does not need to be applied and rinsed out, a high proportion of the wet phase of the grooming process is eliminated, saving time. Yet there was more to come. Since the product is a foam, lathering time is completely eliminated. And since it goes into the hair so quickly, even more time is saved.

However, the biggest time saver was the ease and speed with which the foam rinses out.

When all those bits of saved time are added together, the wet phase of the grooming process is greatly reduced. But I didn’t anticipate the next question.

Why did the dogs’ coats dry so much faster than with the old shampoo/conditioner combination? It turns out that old combination puts far more chemical into the coat and the chemical that remains on the hair holds water in the coat. Having done away with that chemical overload, the coats dry faster.

The dogs spend less time wet and groomers are obviously happier with the amount of time saved. Since time is money, it’s time to establish how much money is saved by saving that time.

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS

NewGenn CEO, veterinary surgeon, novelist, campaigner against diseases, public speaker.

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