Strategic progression is important and for an established company, it’s vital.

I helped found NewGenn over a decade ago with aspirations to end certain diseases.  We initially called the company NewGenn Research as we were seeking missing clues. We succeeded and the word ’Research’ was dropped making it simply NewGenn.

We can happily now say eczema in the community, chronic hand eczema in professionals like nurses and healthcare associated infections can be beaten; all three are now needless diseases. It has been a joyous journey and worth the effort.

Yet, you may ask, if we’ve been so successful, why are those three diseases still so common? The clue rests in us calling it NewGenn Research, rather than NewGenn Marketing. The reality is that I’ve proven my talents in research and exposed my lesser prowess in marketing. Without strong marketing, the new products we’ve created will reach few of the people who need them. The diseases will continue until the marketing improves.

I could learn new marketing skills and do my best in a field where I will struggle to compete. Or I could collaborate with people around the world who are already brilliant at marketing. That’s where the next phase for NewGenn lies.

It’s now apparent I have a rare skill in being able to dissect diseases and find the vital clues which allow me to generate products to prevent those diseases. Luckily for me, very few people can do that. Within the marketing sector, there are very few brilliant people who can service mass niches quickly. Eczema, Chronic Hand Eczema and HealthCare Associated Infections are all mass niches where people want answers which their current suppliers don’t, or can’t, provide.

To break these disease cycles, I’m combining my rare disease-breaking skills with the rare talent for rapid marketing to mass niches.

The next strategic phase for NewGenn is to engage exclusive licensees to manufacture, market and sell our products in their territories. The mass niches are easily reached allowing excellent returns on investment for whoever breaks the disease cycles.

I subscribe to the fundamental commercial belief that if you put the general population before your profits, those who benefit will help spread the good word. So I’m collaborating with brilliant marketing individuals who have a genuine passion for ending diseases. Combining that passion with their passion for business will deliver our disease-breaking products to the people who want their diseases ended.

I’m seeking to appoint 50 licensees around the world. That includes one for Britain who will service our existing loyal customers and expand market share. That will free me to progress the international expansion so the positive NewGenn effect can be taken to its logical conclusion. In the process, the Dr Harley Farmer brand will be emphasised as that’s the unique feature underpinning NewGenn’s success.

These are very exciting changes and I hope you enjoy sharing in the progress and achievements.

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