It seems to intrigue people that we can work so seamlessly between humans and animals. Apparently it’s reasonable that we can be world influencers in preventing human hospital infections and at the same time provide the global lead on rapidly ending childhood eczema.  They are both human conditions. But how do we come to create something as extra-ordinary as our Foam Dog Wash?

People who’ve benefited from our products for years, have seen the progressive evolution of new websites as I’ve attempted to address this apparent confusion. You’re reading this on, the healthcare associated infection achievements are on and the eczema successes have been recently relocated to  That looks like complexity, so why is the word ‘simple’ in the blog title?

Because the underlying factor in all those successes is actually simple. If you stop upsetting nature, a natural balance will appear. That’s about as simple as you can get, wouldn’t you agree?

We identified the weakest link in the ‘best practices’ which are failing to break infection cycles in hospitals. In some hospitals about a third of the nurses have chronic hand eczema yet they are expected to put a flammable solvent (alcohol hand rub) onto those damaged hands, many times a day. And they don’t do it. Fix the damaged skin is the obvious option so we created hygiene skincare products which allowed the skin to fix itself.

When parents began using those new hospital hygiene skin cleansing products at home, they found eczema in their children disappeared. The hand eczema in hospitals had ended quickly so this pleasant surprise in children was a logical consequence. Ending such a disease without knowing we were doing it sounds pretty simple!

How did we make the jump from humans to animals and Foam Dog Wash? Again it was pure chance. We had been invited to provide the hygiene products for judges and stewards at the world famous Cruft’s dog show. It might be a dog show, but the intended target for our products was humans. As dog people became acquainted with the skin cleansing products, they began telling us how good those products were as dog washes. In fact, our foam hand wash was becoming quite well known for cleaning very unpleasant things like fox poo from dog coats.

For years we simply supplied it as a human product which they could use on dogs. That seemed to confuse folks so Amy Shaler in our team undertook a structured market survey and the human foam hand wash evolved through a series of changes into the Foam Dog Wash.

The outcome of multiple websites may look complex but the route was simple. We’d used very gentle technology derived from coconut oil so nurses enjoyed using their new hand hygiene products. That gentleness turned out to be ideally suited to children with damaged eczema skin and absolutely fabulous at cleaning dogs.

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS

NewGenn CEO, veterinary surgeon, novelist, campaigner against diseases, public speaker.

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