Have you noticed how aggressive dog shampoos affect the hands of many groomers and the skin of numerous dogs?  The groomers were most affected by the frequency with which their hands were in those shampoos, and for dogs it was often a matter of particularly sensitive skin.  Creams and ointments were often applied to the damaged skin of both groomers and dogs and a cycle had become established.

Studies in human eczema have revealed a causative link between an ingredient found in most eczema products and the continuation of the disease.  The typical cycle goes like this; something irritates the skin forming a rash, creams and ointments are applied, that ingredient enters skin cracks in the rash, the rash turns into eczema and the worse the eczema becomes the more times that ingredient is applied.  That is the ‘eczema cycle’.

Was something similar happening with groomer hands and dog skin?  The easiest way to find out was to use the skin cleansing technology which has helped so many people end their eczema.  It was important to not treat the skin for three reasons: treatment was the realm of the groomers’ doctors and the dogs’ vets, it was likely the treatment was maintaining the disease, and we knew from our eczema work that if you stopped damaging the skin it would heal itself.

A survey was conducted at Discover Dogs 2011 which led to groomers washing dogs of various breeds and ages in a gentle foam that cleaned and conditioned the coat at the same time.  The foam was soft, it massaged into the coat easily and rinsed out quickly, saving time and decreasing the stress in dogs that disliked being washed.  Very positive endorsements from those groomers can be seen on this website.  On their suggestions, Foam Dog Wash was launched in 500ml foamer containers and 5 litre refills in non-fragranced and citrus versions.  Dog owners also contributed by washing their dogs at home, providing a similarly positive response.

At Crufts a pleasing number of groomers happily agreed to work with us on certain breeds that notoriously have red and sensitive skin, with the most obvious candidates being Westies.  Soon we will know how many such dogs respond positively to the gentleness of NewGenn Foam Dog Wash, and how many groomers find their skin improves by frequently washing their hands during the dog-washing process.

Luckily, NewGenn Foam Dog Wash is also fantastic for all those groomers and dogs with healthy intact skin.  The dogs on our Crufts stand, Elf and Brodie, were perfect examples of how the product is suitable for all.  They can be seen in the photo gallery.

If anyone wants to try this gentle answer to washing dogs, contact Amy Shaler at NewGenn on amy.shaler@newgenn.com who championed the product to market.  Both groomers and dog owners love the product, so why not join in?  You’re very welcome and your comments would be really appreciated.

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS, CEO NewGenn

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