NewGenn has always been committed to infection control, and more recently in skin. After joining NewGenn last year I was very keen to transfer this to dogs and other species. I knew our products had been used on animals long before I joined, but none of them were specifically marketed to the animal industry.

So along came NewGenn’s Foam Dog Wash.
This in turn led to being overrun with testimonials from dog owners and groomers alike wanting to tell us how much they enjoyed our Foam Dog Wash. It was wonderful to have so much feedback and to be able to broadcast its growing popularity, but where did the human testimonials go? Where did people look for EXeczema® success stories?

To move forward we now have a place for everyone. still has a dedicated animal section, but it now has the human section too. You enter the site and visit the area that is relevant to you.
This also means testimonials are separated in these sections, so you won’t need to filter through to find one that is relevant to your needs.
It is still green and encompasses the cleaning kindly ethos NewGenn are so proud of, but now allows visitors to browse easily and save time.

As the EXeczema® Programme is such a large part of Dr Farmers’ vision it needs a home all to itself, so we have launched
It has videos, user instructions, blogs, and testimonials.
It also features the EXeczema® forum, the perfect place to share your experiences and success with others. maintains its relevance in infection control and an area for licensee information and application.
Technical data is available to download for all products and a page on the history of NewGenn can also be found.

NewGenn is constantly moving forward with the help of our customers.
With your input and feedback we can continue to evolve and be there for individuals, businesses, and of course animals.

Amy Shaler
Corporate Relations Manager, NewGenn

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