So many people have adverse reactions to skin care products. Do you have sensitive or dry skin? Does eczema give you red and itchy skin? Do you want smooth, soft skin?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you’ll know how difficult it is to find a suitable skincare product. Especially if you’ve answered yes to more than one.

The product selection available is confusing with products for skin type, age, body location, time of day, the list goes on! To add to the confusion some products work well on your skin at times and then seemingly for no reason cause skin flare-ups. A lot of moisturisers are also sticky and take too long to rub in, leaving hands greasy and slippery. There can also be great compromise in products with gentleness not equating to good cleansing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have products that are kind to the most sensitive of skins and still do what’s expected? That leave your skin feeling soft & velvety smooth and can be used all over the body any time of day. Even products that can be loved by all ages. All in a simple and easy to understand range.

With the right thinking this can all be achieved!

After extensive development we now have a range of foaming products suitable for all skin types. They’re a joy to use. Kids love them with all ages able to use the same products. Luxurious in use leaving your skin feeling soft and velvet smooth.

The new range has only two products. One which easily rubs in and another that keeps it’s foam so it’s perfect for skin cleansing. They have been used by many people for many uses from helping to end eczema to those who just want their skin feeling nice.

These are:

Foam Emollient – A rub-on moisturiser that can be used as a skin wash too.
Foam Skin Wash – A hand wash and all over skin wash for the shower or bath.

More information will follow about each product soon but both are already available on the shop – Here

Sound interesting?

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