It’s great to have such fun at work! For the last eight years, including 2013, the Kennel Club has invited NewGenn to the world famous Crufts dog show. The diversity of dog breeds is bewildering and the variation in people even more so. Our role is to provide hygiene products for the stewards, judges, vets and public. Over the years, many hundreds of thousands of diverse visitors have used our Foam Hand Rub which is found on each of the breed pens in the Discover Dogs section. Safety is the highest criterion and time has proven we are champions there.

Last year we bridged the gap between people and dogs by introducing the Foam Dog Wash. Many people, especially groomers, have very sensitive skin on their hands which is damaged by aggressive dog shampoos. An increasing number of dogs are having skin rashes diagnosed as eczema and aggressive shampoos are hardly ideal in that context.

The very gentle Foam Dog Wash has been well received in its first year, especially by groomers. They report how it greatly reduces the wet-time in the grooming process. Being a foam it goes into the coat very quickly and then rinses out fast. The time required under the dryer is apparently reduced. Some have ceased using conditioners, even in standard poodles, as the foam leaves coats adequately conditioned.

Groomers who kept accurate records report the cost of the foam was ten times less than the value of time saved. In effect, the Foam Dog Wash pays for itself ten times over!

To add some humour at Crufts 2013, we presented the product as being “free” to groomers. Most saw the fun side while taking the cost-benefit message to heart. Only two said they wanted their free sample please if it was free. Obviously we put up a battle but it’s hard to sound really tough when you’re laughing.

The other aspect was how well the Foam Dog Wash cleansed dogs’ coats of country odours; especially fox poo. We are at Crufts to listen and without us being involved the ‘fox poo’ fraternity have decided among themselves how their dogs’ desires for odour enhancement is best handled. Apparently having our wet wipes in the glove box allowed much of the material to be removed before the dog entered the car, and then the Foam Dog Wash enabled the rest to be removed quickly on arriving home. It’s amazing what you can learn when you just listen.

There now seems to be a form of perverse competition going on among dog owners to find the limit of our foam’s cleansing powers. Since we have a fun stand, people visit just to tell us what they have used the Foam Dog Wash to overcome. This being a family blog, it’s inappropriate to list all the nasties some of the dogs have savoured.

So in preparation for Crufts 2014, would you like to let us know what your perfumes your dog favours? Go on; it’s good to laugh!

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