How do you judge success?  That’s a question I’ve used when coaching creative people to appreciate how much they’ve already achieved.  It’s usually with high achievers who’ve set goals most other people wouldn’t dare dream of.  Such people often feel success is still just out of reach, a never ending quest.  All the neurolinguistic tools come into play as I guide them to recall how others view them?  Has your work benefited others?  The answer is invariably yes.  Are they looking to you for the next step?  Yes again.  Do you know what that next step will be? Yes.  Will they benefit from that as well?  Of course.

And so it goes on.  Gentle coaxing while they appreciate for themselves how their never-ending quest has helped others.  Many small achievements soon amount to tremendous success.  It’s in the nature of such people to look forward towards their goals, whereas their successes will  be in the past.  That time line can catch them out.  All I’m really doing is inviting them to look in the rear-view mirror.  There’s no need to stop and turn around as one question they usually haven’t heard allows them to increase speed.  That question is: “Do you find more people are helping you now?”  It’s another yes question and it holds a secret.

Achievers achieve yet few people allow themselves sufficient time to work out why.  I recall a mentor saying to me while I was University: “Harley, appreciate early that you will make very little – it’s the people you inspire who will do it”.  As expected from such a wise sage, he was right.

Why am I reminiscing over this?  Because we’ll soon be subdividing this website. was first created to separate our successes in preventing hospital infections, still on, from successes in ending eczema.  The topics were too diverse for most people to the point where unwarranted incredulity was creeping in.

Earlier this year that same core technology was rebranded as Foam Dog Wash in recognition of how many dogs had eczema and how many groomers had shampoo-induced eczema on their hands.  One way to approach both challenges was to have the dogs washed in our skin-enhancing cleansing wash.  Neither the dogs’ skin nor the groomers’ hands were being treated; the dogs’ coats were simply being washed with a skin-friendly foam. was quickly ‘overrun’ by successes in the dog sector.

The many eczema successes were being swamped and needed a new home. is being launched as an educational forum site.  Our work means eczema is now a disease of choice – you can manage it or end it.  Numerous EXeczema® programme successes prove eczema can be ended in as little as two weeks in children.  If you want to continue following these tremendous successes in rapidly ending eczema, we welcome you to the new site.  Not yet, but it will be online very soon.

This is a success, wouldn’t you agree?

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS

NewGenn CEO, novelist, campaigner, public speaker, believer in creating choice.


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