As a dog owner I know how important it is to use safe products on our dogs. With vaccinations, parasite treatments and shampooing we could be forever applying harsh chemicals to their bodies, coats and skin.

In terms of medicinal products it comes down to the individual dog and owner’s choice. So why isn’t this choice available when it comes to washing your dog?
Anyone with a longer coated dog will often wash their dog with a shampoo and then a conditioner. As so many dogs do not enjoy the washing process it can have a huge behavioural impact on the dog and cause stress to the owner. I’m not about to preach about the importance of training for enjoyment when bathing your dog, so why don’t we look at ways of reducing the time they have to spend in the bath.

Is it possible to have a wash that not only cleans the dog, but also conditions the coat? Yes it is. NewGenn Foam Dog Wash is similar to a fabric conditioner but also works with the dogs natural coat structure. In a nutshell, if your dog’s coat is naturally soft then it will be soft after its wash. Equally it maintains harshness on wire coats whilst conditioning the skin and most importantly cleaning it.

A local dog trainer has stated how her dogs would often rub themselves across the floor and furniture after being washed in their shampoo and conditioner. This says a lot about the dogs trying to get the chemical smell and feel out of their coat. These same dogs have used our Foam Dog Wash and not carried out the rubbing behaviour. This is due to it rinsing out and not leaving any residue on the skin or coat. The other important factor is that no conditioner was used. Any poodle owner/washer will know that conditioner goes without saying with their coats.

A wash that rinses out quickly + no conditioner = less time in the bath for your dog. Genius!

Add the fact that it helps your hands too and you’re onto a winner.

I love hearing from you, so please let me know your feedback and experience of our Foam Dog Wash.

Amy Shaler
Corporate Relations Manager, NewGenn

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