“Life’s too short” was a response given when a cleaner was challenged to clean in a corner. She worked in hospitals where patients regularly died from needless infections. Whose life was she referring to; hers or a patient’s? If it was the latter, she was certainly doing her bit to ensure some poor soul didn’t live much longer. Yet I knew she was a good caring cleaner, a highly trained person.

That was about 15 years ago when cleaners were being asked to share the blame for high infection rates in hospitals.  I was developing cleaning and hygiene products with the hospital at the time and since they were having such trouble getting the cleaning done, what chance was there of adding hygiene too? So I sought this cleaner’s assistance and she happily obliged.

I asked why she didn’t clean as well as they wanted.  “Because it’s hard work” was her instant reply. Something must have revealed my belief that pushing a wet mop isn’t hard work, so she handed me her mop. I gave it a few swipes and had to agree; it was hard work. For some reason that visibly clean hospital floor made it hard to swing a mop.

It turned out they had a cheap detergent and to achieve a decent job they used it at 25 times the intended rate. Each time they cleaned the floor another layer of detergent was deposited on top of previous layers. Once a month, someone waxed the floors sealing it all in.

I gave her a prototype solution to try and within days her mop was flying. She was delighted.  Her new detergent had cut through the layers down to the original floor surface. Suddenly her job was easy again.

I had actually given her a new high level disinfectant with good cleaning power. The hospital gained excellent cleaning and top hygiene simultaneously. The same liquid went into trigger sprays so the cleaners only needed one product for floors, bench surfaces, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, glass and mirrors. It was much cheaper for the hospital as waste was eliminated and the cleaning staff ceased to be pariahs.

NewGenn High Level Disinfectant has been used in hospitals around the world, schools, cruise ships, restaurants and kitchens, dog kennels, catteries, zoos, veterinary and dental practices. Even carpet cleaning contractors use it as their daily product of choice. People tell us when they’ve found new uses; an orchid that was succumbing to a strange rot recovered with a few soaking sprays of its roots and now flowers again.

This product is very safe. It’s used on premature babies in the NHS, in care homes with frail residents and throughout family homes wherever people or pets necessitate cleaning.

Which means we can agree with the cleaner: life is too short to use numerous products when one will do such a great job.  And the top level hygiene is an added extra.

Dr Harley Farmer PhD BVSc(hons) BVBiol(path) MRCVS

CEO NewGenn, public speaker, author, campaigner.


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